In the Press

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog and this website. While I am still seeing clients for energy work, I have been focused on starting my own private practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Being on my own, rather than working for someone else, is an important step forContinue reading “In the Press”

Journaling for Self-Reflection + Journaling Prompts (PsychCentral)

There are many ways to do the inner work and reflection that is part of our spiritual journey, individuation process, ascension, or whatever term feels best to you. The process of expanding our consciousness and embracing our authentic Self involves getting to know ourselves more deeply and caring about ourselves as much as we careContinue reading “Journaling for Self-Reflection + Journaling Prompts (PsychCentral)”

Anima, Animus, and the Magical Other

“When animus and anima meet, the animus draws his sword of power and the anima ejects her poison of illusion and seduction. The outcome need not always be negative, since the two are equally likely to fall in love (a special instance of love at first sight).”– C.G. Jung Carl Jung used the term animaContinue reading “Anima, Animus, and the Magical Other”

Projection: You Are My Mirror and I Am Yours

Projections change the world into the replica of one’s own unknown face.”– C.G. Jung Projections are images we have of others, which are generated by the psyche and based in our own fears, desires, impulses, and unresolved issues, most of which are unconscious. Carl Jung wrote, “We must bear in mind that we do notContinue reading “Projection: You Are My Mirror and I Am Yours”

Book Review: Please Understand Me

In my personal journey I’ve come across some great resources that have helped me make sense of certain situations or relationship dynamics, and have helped me understand myself and others better. The book I’ve reviewed below offers a helpful psychological perspective on that. When we feel more able to understand ourselves and others, it canContinue reading “Book Review: Please Understand Me”

Meditation for Improved Well-Being and Spiritual Growth

While energy work is a great way to clear troubling issues, in my perspective, it’s meant to be a support and a companion to our own inner work and reflection. Things like psychotherapy, meditation, coaching, journaling, and creative work provide great ways to do this inner reflection. This blog post focuses specifically on meditation andContinue reading “Meditation for Improved Well-Being and Spiritual Growth”

Myth and Magic, chapter 1: Self Love in the Story of Eros and Psyche

The story of Eros and Psyche is an ancient myth dating back to the second century AD. The full story can be found here. It tells the tale of a beautiful princess named Psyche who became the wife of Eros, the god of love, though she did not know this at the time because sheContinue reading “Myth and Magic, chapter 1: Self Love in the Story of Eros and Psyche”

What is the Self?

This blog post is the first in a series that discusses concepts I believe are fundamental to healing, mainly from the perspective of Jungian, Archetypal, and depth psychology, upon which a great deal of my approach to healing work is based. These blog posts provide an overview of psychological and spiritual ideas, including definitions, asContinue reading “What is the Self?”