“I recently had a session with Amanda and not only was I put at ease by her professional, peaceful, and caring demeanor, but I was completely amazed at how quickly some of the ongoing issues I was having shifted. Throughout the session, I could feel so much lifting from around my heart area and a few days later, I found that the heaviness I was feeling completely lifted. I highly recommend working with Amanda.” — Rev. Sonja Evans of Sophia Returns and 10 of Cups Ministries

“My session with Amanda happened in a time where I was pretty crippled with anxiety and an overall inability to be present or connected to myself. It amazed me how the words Amanda used were so perfect to express and describe some things and feelings I’m usually unable to portray accurately. During and after our session, I felt so much lighter and in a way, with a renewed sense of trust that everything will be okay. I felt seen and supported. She just “knew” things that I wasn’t even very aware of and that was amazing.” — AC, Romania

“Amanda is very professional, understanding and responsive. She quickly finds the areas that need clearing and may clear a lot of blockages in one session. Everything she found resonated with me. She also helped me to see things from a different perspective, which made it easier for me to understand and let go of some issues.” — Susanne, Sweden

“My session with Amanda was a catalyst for some very deep and profound healing across multiple areas of my life. I had been aware of and actively working on many of these areas for some time, yet felt as if I had hit a brick wall in terms of progress and resolution. However, in just a short time with Amanda (and beginning with just one general category), she quickly zeroed in on the roots of issues I had been struggling with for so long. She was able to pinpoint several areas for healing during our time together, and I was pretty blown away to suddenly see the connections between many of them. She gently offered a different perspective on certain topics as well, which was so helpful and allowed me to feel greater peace in these areas. The actual healing took place very quickly – I could feel “layers” sort of gradually sloughing off me as she worked. As the session came to a close, I felt my heart center open right up, similar to a flower opening in response to the sun, and a wonderful feeling of lightness. In the week that followed, it became very clear how deep the healing had actually gone. I’ll just say that it’s important to follow her advice and take good care of yourself during that time! I’m so grateful for this opportunity to work with Amanda and will certainly be reaching out to her again.” — CJ, Oregon, USA

“I am grateful for the sessions I had with Amanda. I was very tense, blocked before the session. After the session I started to feel easier, I started to see what actions I had to do, I started to understand what the Universe wanted to convey to me through Amanda. With Amanda I felt in a safe place and understood. Everything she told me during the session was exactly what was happening in me or what was happening in my life. The healing method she uses is very gentle and at the same time profound. The energy feels like it’s working long after the session is over. I recommend with confidence.” — Simina, Romania

“The session with Amanda was very calming for me & I was in a relaxing flow I found myself being able to listen and allow. It is wonderfully interesting in how it picks up not only what is in your energy field especially on a conscious level – mentally and emotionally but also alerts / connects with the guidance or advice that is pertinent to you that is moving though your field & experience which is pressing or rewarding.

It was a very clear smooth and pleasurable experience, very concise very supportive very comforting at times when it validated aspects you are working on. There is intuitive energy guiding the session which is fast moving & full of information as the charts are moved through concisely as Amanda facilitates it with ease.

Amanda is also serene & neutral which makes the session even more of a calming, but focused journey.” — E, UK

“Amanda done an energy clearing on me that was amazing. Everything she said resonated with me. The more & more I thought about what she said, the more I realized it resonated to my core. I highly recommend her. She was a complete pleasure to work with.” — Sonja L., Georgia, USA

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