Journaling for Self-Reflection + Journaling Prompts (PsychCentral)

There are many ways to do the inner work and reflection that is part of our spiritual journey, individuation process, ascension, or whatever term feels best to you. The process of expanding our consciousness and embracing our authentic Self involves getting to know ourselves more deeply and caring about ourselves as much as we care about our partner or other loved ones. Journaling can help with that.

I was thrilled to contribute to this helpful article from PsychCentral on 41 Journal Prompts for Depression. Even for those not experiencing depression, journaling can provide a way of reflecting on feelings and understanding oneself more deeply.

Want some additional help in your journey?

Psychotherapy can offer a lot of assistance in connecting with and understanding yourself more deeply. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist, and am accepting new clients (Utah only), both in person and over telehealth. Find out more here.

Energy work can also be of great value when it comes to understanding and connecting with your authentic self, especially when combined with psychological perspectives. I offer energy healing and coaching to people worldwide. Book a session or find out more here.

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