Amanda uses Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Quantum Speed Therapy (QST), Galactic Consciousness Therapy (GCT), Integrating Divine Union (IDU), Giving Freedom, and Body/Emotions in her work with clients. All of these modalities use a pendulum and a series of charts to research the subconscious mind and soul records to discover and release hidden blocks to health, happiness, and spiritual growth.

SRT is a powerful energy healing modality created by Robert Detzler. In SRT we use 32 charts that focus on clearing negative programming, discordant energies, and past life experiences, as well as reprogramming the subconscious mind with positive messages as needed. Of this process, Detzler wrote, “When a program or block is cleared, the negative energy is released from your subconscious and your soul records. Instead of being driven by subconscious beliefs and desires that you do not understand, you become free to live to your greatest potential–to express your greater spiritual self.” More information about SRT can be found on the Spiritual Response Association website.

QST consists of 4 charts that incorporate light language activation and quantum energies. This modality is focused on “the activation of all the different healing we do, to really integrate the healing and begin to see results!” It is a wonderful complement to other modalities. QST was created by Alexandra Dobigies of Spiritual Healing Therapy.

GCT is a series of 32 charts focused on light language activations, allowing the soul to bring in more connection, elevation, and power. “This modality is all about the activation for more, the readiness for more, and reaching the power within. As we are powerful beings and as we are growing, GCT allows us to reach for more within us and unleash it!” GCT was created by Alexandra Dobigies of Spiritual Healing Therapy and Marcela Hanford.

IDU is designed to help heal your connection with yourself and your connections with others, particularly Sacred Union (or Twin Flame) relationships. This series of 39 charts focuses on reconnection to the Divine Self within, and from there, extending the healing to connections with others. IDU was created by Alexandra Dobigies of Spiritual Healing Therapy.

Giving Freedom: A System of Ascension is made up of 33 charts focused on soul level clearing to “free the Self from the subconscious and unconscious energetic influences which prevent free will creation in the present moment.” The result of this clearing “is the raising of vibrational frequency and the becoming of Ascended Self.” Giving Freedom was created by Mary Jean Chadwick.

Body/Emotions consists of 3 charts based on the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson in The Emotion Code. This modality is designed to help find and release the trapped emotional energies that inhabit the body and may be limiting your ability to feel love and joy, and create success.

Amanda is also a Usui Reiki master and may incorporate Reiki healing into energy clearing sessions as needed.

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