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One Card Reading: $27

This one card reading uses the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild to provide insight and intuitive guidance into a situation that is of concern to you, such as relationship, career, life path, gift and purpose, or any other area where you feel stuck and could use a different perspective.

This reading is not a divination or fortune telling, but a way of proving greater insight into the situation at hand, connecting with Divine guidance, and making the unconscious conscious. With this in mind, a question such as “What is it most important for me to understand about the dynamics in my relationship with my partner?” would yield more useful information than “When will my relationship improve?” or “Why is my partner doing ______?”

The reading is meant to empower you; to assist you in aligning with your inner wisdom and divinity, which can translate into a deeper sense of belonging, meaning and flow. From here, you may feel more able to step forward into your truth–the place from which you can take authentic, heart-centered action.

This reading will include relevant information about the card from the guidebook, as well as any additional information I receive from connecting with Spirit regarding your question.

To book this reading, please contact me at with “One Card Reading” in the subject line, and your question in the body of the email. I will send you a payment link. Once I receive your payment, I will do the reading and email it to you in PDF format within 3 days.

Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully before requesting a reading:

  • Please understand that a card reading is not a “quick fix” for problems, and no warranties or guarantees are made regarding services provided through this site. The services provided through this site are meant to complement and enhance your own inner work toward your soul growth and evolution.
  • None of the services, guidance, or advice, or provided through this site is intended to diagnose or treat any emotional, physical, or mental health conditions, or substitute care from a medical professional or mental health professional.
    • If you are under the care of a medical professional or mental health professional, please continue to follow their advice.
  • You will be sent a link for payment once I receive your email requesting a reading.
    • Payment is due upon receipt of the link and must be received before I will do the reading.
  • Once I receive payment, I will complete the reading within 3 days and send it to the email you provided in PDF format.
  • No refunds will be provided for card readings.
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